Atlas EnergyShield Continuous Wall Insulation Products: designed as a 4-in-1 solution

As energy codes and owners demand more from building design, versatile product solutions become ever more important. A simplified solution using continuous insulation helps increase building envelope performance without compromising design.

EnergyShield continuous wall insulation products offer multi-functional performance as an air and water resistive barrier in addition to thermal resistance, improving building efficiency and occupant comfort while saving time and money on the jobsite.

WRB Benefits

Atlas EnergyShield® Continuous Wall Insulation Products can perform as a water resistive barrier as tested at higher standards than other products. To conform to building code requirements, foam sheathing is tested to more stringent water assembly test criteria than common house wraps.

NoHo West

Located in North Hollywood, NoHo West is a mixed-community that includes apartments, office space and retail.

Barton Hills

Due to structural concerns, the team demolished almost 90 percent of the original Austin home, rebuilding it using Atlas EnergyShield insulation and sheathing.