Our Value

Imagine a wall with an uninterrupted thermal barrier that keeps the building envelope protected and ensures long-term energy efficiency. It also controls water, air and vapor, is cost-effective and can be used in a variety of fire-resistive assemblies. With more than 30 years’ industry expertise in polyiso manufacturing, Atlas EnergyShield continuous wall insulation products deliver confidence with proven envelope management performance.

Our value Beyond R-Value

You wouldn’t settle for 75% of a new car, so why would you insulate only 75% of your house? If you use an insulation that covers only the space between the studs, you expose 25% of the surface area of the house to thermal bridging… not good. EnergyShield Continuous Insulation gives you full coverage over the studs and all the space in between. Our Value goes beyond R-value.

Thermal bridging is the passing of energy through wall framing which causes a disproportionate amount of heat loss. This causes the overall R-value of your wall assembly to be considerably less than the R-Value of your insulation. With continuous insulation, heat loss from thermal bridging is minimized, increasing the overall R-value of your wall assembly, providing both a favorable economic and environmental benefit over the use of cavity insulation alone.

  • Highest R-value

  • Integrated Air and Moisture barriers

  • Thinnest profile

  • High performance facers

  • R-value retention

  • Best R-value to price ratio

  • More cladding options than any other foam plastic


…and decades of proven performance in roof assemblies

  • Solutions: Product options for more performance and assembly needs than any other insulation

  • Experience: Over 30 years in the continuous insulation field

  • Service: With 8 manufacturing facilities across the nation, we get you the insulation product you need when you need it

  • Expertise: With 11 regional and national reps across the country, we’ve got you covered