why Atlas

Industry experts have proven conclusively that exterior continuous insulation is the most effective way to insulate building envelopes for energy savings. Atlas EnergyShield wall insulation products are made with a polyiso core, which achieves a higher effective R-value (the capacity to resist heat flow) with minimal material thickness. It’s the only foam plastic insulation that can be used in basements and attics without the need for a thermal barrier, meaning walls insulated with Atlas EnergyShield products can be installed without the cost of additional layers. In fire testing, polyiso chars in place and doesn’t melt or drip like other foam plastics.

With more than 30 years experience in manufacturing polyiso, you can trust Atlas to deliver the absolute best in wall insulation performance.

  • Atlas logoPolyiso offers the highest performance rigid foam insulation
  • The industry’s largest manufacturing footprint means EnergyShield products are available quickly and with reduced transportation
  • EnergyShield can be used in more NFPA 285 approved assemblies than any other rigid insulation product
  • Atlas has been making EnergyShield high performance insulation for over 30 years
  • EnergyShield Continuous Wall Insulation is a cost effective way to design high performance exterior walls that are code compliant and offer owners significant energy savings over the service life of the building
  • Installers can eliminate trips around a building by installing CI systems that integrate a WRB, air control and insulation layer in one
  • Continuous insulation utilizing EnergyShield polyiso products is the most effective way to insulate building envelopes for energy savings
  • The most thermally efficient rigid board insulation available. Highest R-value per inch of thickness.
  • Moisture-resistant foam core
  • Compatible with most solvent based construction adhesives
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Superior performance in fire tests
  • Wide range of service temperatures
  • Long Term R-Value (only roof insulation with third party certification)
  • A CFC- and HCFC-free product with zero ozone depletion potential