Customer Service Policy

We stand behind our products, and we stand behind our customers. For help with custom wall insulation orders or other product needs, please reach out to our customer support team. If you are an existing customer and want to discuss your experience, our customer service representatives are ready to help.

If you have questions, please visit our contact page or call customer service at 1-800-478-0258.

Effective Date: 7.2.2018


  • ACFoam®-II: 1.0”, 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.2”, 2.5”, 2.6”, 3.0”, 3.5”, 4.0” (4’×4’, 4’×8’)
  • Tapered ACFoam®-II: AA, A, B, C, X, Y, Q Panels (4’×4’)
  • ACFoam®-HD CoverBoard: (4’×8’)
  • EnergyShield®: ½”, ¾”, 1.0”, 1.5”, 2.0” (4’×8’)
  • EnergyShield® CGF: ½”, ¾”, 1.0”, 1.5” (4’×8’)
  • EnergyShield® Pro: 1.0”, 1.5”, 2.0”, 2.5”, 3.0” (4’×8’)


  • Orders for non-standard products, which are not released for shipment within 30 days from date of original shipment, will be subject to payment in full. Atlas may require sign-off of a Non-Standard Product Purchase Agreement.


  • Tapered systems designed by Atlas will be scheduled and manufactured only with authorized, signed shop drawings.
  • Shop Drawings will be produced with a valid purchase order.


  • Customer pickup will be permitted with prior confirmation by the Atlas sales department.
  • Orders for material not picked up within 48 hours of the scheduled pickup date will be subject to rescheduling.
  • Orders for non-standard material which have not been claimed within 30 days of scheduled pick up date will be subject to payment in full.
  • Tarping of CPU trucks will be at the discretion of the customer.
  • Minimum pickup quantity will be the equivalent of 10 or more 4’×8’ and 20 or more 4’×4’ units.
  • Pick-up allowance shall be $15.00 per equivalent unit of 4’×8’×4’ high regardless of final destination (except in Toronto and Vancouver). Sheathing units ½’ thru 1.5’ are 2’ high so $7.50 allowance per unit is applied.


  • Orders for less than a truckload will be subject to deficit freight and fuel surcharge on the unused portion of truck.
  • Deficit freight is calculated on 24 4’×8’×4’ high units less the balance shipped.
  • Atlas will make every effort to pool partial loads. Such shipments will be subject to a stopover fee for each individual delivery.


  • Stopovers will be charged $100 per stop.
  • Stops must be within 150 miles of each other.
  • Requests for more than two stops on a truck will be reviewed by Atlas to determine if feasible. Additional charges will apply.


  • Atlas passes through all carrier Fuel Surcharges as a separate line item on the invoice.
  • Fuel Surcharges are calculated based on the US National Average Price of Diesel as reported weekly by the Department of Energy for actual loaded miles for delivery.
  • Deliveries of 0-200 miles from our shipping plant will include a freight surcharge of $250.00.
  • Deliveries of 201+ miles plus from our shipping plant will include a freight surcharge of $350.00.


  • Trucks diverted after shipment will be subject to a diversion fee plus additional mileage fees and fuel surcharges.


  • Atlas cannot guarantee time of deliveries.
  • Customer is responsible for billing the carrier for charges resulting from a late delivery.
  • Atlas will make pre-calls confirming delivery if requested (contact name and phone number must be given at time of order entry).
  • Detention charges from the carrier will be passed on to the customer. Detention charges become effective two hours from scheduled time of delivery.
  • Unloading not completed prior to 5 p.m. will be subject to layover charges.
  • Carrier assessed fuel surcharges will be passed on to the customer.


  • All re-dated orders will be subject to product availability.
  • Date change/cancellation made within 48 hours of shipment will be charged $500 minimum per truckload. Additional freight charges will be assessed once truck is in route.


  • Unless otherwise noted in this policy, all shipments are shipped and invoiced as FOB Origin/Freight Prepaid. CPU (Customer Pickup) shipments are shipped and invoiced as FOB Origin/Freight Collect.
  • Material damaged in route is the responsibility of the carrier.
  • Customer must file all claims for damaged material directly with the carrier.
  • Material shipped to replace damaged product will be invoiced separately.


  • Customer and carrier must note shortages with signatures on the shipping document upon delivery and prior to carrier departure.


  • All returns require preauthorization by the Atlas Plant Manager and Region Sales Manager. Atlas reserves the right to inspect material prior to return.
  • Eligible material must be returned within 60 days of original ship date.
  • A 20% restocking fee plus outbound and inbound freight will apply.
  • Freight arrangements on returned material will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Credit will be given on resalable material only. Damaged material will not be eligible for credit.
  • Customer must retrieve non-salable material valued over $500 within 30 days of notification. Any unclaimed non-salable material will be subject to a disposal fee.


  • Atlas shall not be liable in damages for any delay or default to ship any order if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond Atlas’ control, including, but not limited to: Acts of God, Government restrictions, wars, acts of terrorism, fires, or shortage of raw materials.