Introducing EnergyShield® XR—Continuous insulation engineered for high-performance for above and below-grade applications.

Because your project deserves high- performance both above and below grade. That’s why EnergyShield XR continuous polyiso insulation is the best choice for your continuous insulation needs, whether it’s above grade, below grade, or under slab. Using EnergyShield XR can help effectively insulate the building from top to bottom and can help improve energy efficiency and interior comfort for occupants.

EnergyShield XR creates a versatile, effective barrier for thermal and moisture control. Whether building a single family home or a high-rise, Atlas EnergyShield XR below-grade insulation will meet energy codes and ensure the best building performance.

EnergyShield XR Benefits

How does EnergyShield XR compare to XPS insulation?
EnergyShield XR out performs XPS insulation across the board. The advantages include: drainage efficacy, dimensional stability, highest R-Value per inch, broader service temperature, mold resistance, decreased global warming potential, and more manufacturing locations.