For commercial projects that will use pro-grade EnergyShield® products as interior walls, Atlas offers EnergyShield Pro and EnergyShield Pro 2 without labels or branding on the interior facing surface. This provides a clean, functional, uncluttered look for the interior of commercial buildings in addition to the high level of performance expected from Atlas pro-grade insulation products.

  • EnergyShield® Pro, offered without labels for building interiors, provides Class A fire performance and an airtight barrier, helping to control air quality and temperature. EnergyShield Pro is an excellent choice for jobs that require a closed air circulation system. learn more.
  • EnergyShield® Pro 2, offered without labels for building interiors, provides the benefits of the original product but features fiberglass fibers incorporated into the polyiso core to meet ASTM C1289 Type 1, Class 2 requirements. learn more.